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Great-but dubious of style change

This is my second pair of CWX tights. I have an older model of the stabilyx. I am nursing a piriformis/hamstring situation and was running a 1/2 marathon 1/30/2010, so wanted as much support as possible. I opted for the "pro" tights, which I love, *HOWEVER*, they have changed the fully gusseted crotch to a "gusseted crotch liner" which translated means there is a significant seam that is, yes, right in the middle of the crotch. I ended up sewing the seam down sideways to create more of a flatlock seam which helped. I ran my 1/2; shaved 8 minutes (!!) off my last PR and am no worse the wear for it, but the design seems poor to me, cause I would think this would be uncomfy for guys as well. The CWX folks have been very responsive to my inquiry and said the power of the stretch and webbing dictated that they not use a full gusset, but they promised to pass my thoguhts on back to the designers. I even posted it to their facebook page. Oh, they did suggest an "undergarment"....I think of running tights like cycling shorts, ummmm, *no* undergarments thankyouverymuch. So anyway, the tights DO help support you, they DO help with fatigue, I LOVE them, but I do wish they'd find a way to go back to the full gusset. Thanks for listening!

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I found the big wad in the crotch makes these tights unwearable. It chafes like heck even when wearing technical underwear. Very bad design.