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Gear Review

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Great boots

This is my second pair of these puppies and although the material of the uppers feels stiffer than my first pair, they don't seem quite as "substantial". I really like a boot that is light weight, has wide toe box, and good ankle support while not being so tall as to bang into the back of my leg with every step or squat, and these boots accomplish all of that and more. I'm really hard on boots as I wear them hiking in the Ozarks (over rocks and terrain that's quite rugged and hilly or wet and boggy --- or all of the above!) but I also wear them to work on my current backyard project (terraced rock pathway) which requires the ankle stability and grip for foothold these boots offer. I don't want to be mid way through moving a 50 pound rock and start sliding down the hillside! At my age (65) I don't need extra weight of heavy boots on my feet to add to the weight of the rocks. Another plus is that they don't make my feet look huge like most hiking boots do and they are comfy right out of the box. The ankle got stretched on my first pair because they got wet so many times over the course of a couple years, but they're still good for "loafing". I recommend 'em!