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Gear Review

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Great boots

These boots are great for ladies who shred the BC. I ride them with my Dynastar Big Troubles mounted with Fritschi Freeride Plus bindings, which is a fantastic, playful and downhill-oriented touring rig.

A few complaints: The buckles are awful, I generally have to try more than once to get all the parts in their proper position. Also, I get epic shin bang (visible bruising) on all but the shortest tours. Carrying extra boot tongues in my pack and changing them out is annoying. Dynafit (oops, "tech") compatibility would be appreciated as well.

A few raves: The liners are great! Put your custom footbeds in them, get them molded, and you've got a custom liner! The overall stiffness of this boot compared to its weight is fantastic.

Overall, a solid downhill performer with a few issues on the up. Not a bad purchase!

Great boots