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Great boot!

Great boot! I’ve got an average to wide, yet low-volume foot with average instep, very small ankles, and low calves – basic boot fitting nightmare for the most part. I do more hiking than my current race boots allow without mind numbing pain, but was very worried that I wouldn’t be happy with the performance due to what I’ve heard about AT boots in general, but 3 days in- I’m really happy. Flex ratings are relative- I’d say they compare more to 90-100 flex of most boots I’ve tried (depending on temperature), but lateral (side) stiffness is great. I’m thinking that most of what I’ve heard about AT boots and performance has been from larger guys who like stiff boots and the material technology just isn’t yet there for them. However, for women, we’re lighter, so that doesn’t apply.
Have had them paired with my mid-fat (90 underfoot) and wide (115 underfoot) skis and they drive both sets well through moguls, crud, ice- basically anything I’ve thrown at them. Admittedly, they don’t have the same hard pack performance and vice grip ankle hold that the race boots do, and I’m sure I wouldn’t want to run gates in them, but they ski much better on the wide variety of terrain I hit, so I would say they’re very comparable to a high end “freeride” type alpine boot in a lighter weight, more comfortable package. I did need to add a butterfly pad behind my ankles to avoid heel slip, but that’s not a big deal to do, and would say that with the intuition liners filling in the extra space, these boots would allow them to fit a narrow foot as well. Also, I initially had a problem with the instep being too tight, but it turns out that the tongue on one of the boots had deformed a bit in the packaging and storing them buckled tight in a warm room for a couple of days solved that problem- I wonder if some of the instep issues that are noted in some of the reviews have to do with this as well and can be rectified.

Get this boot and try it on- if it fits your foot and you find it comfortable, it will do pretty much everything you want it to.