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Gear Review

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Great boot but...

I didnt buy these here (mistake #1)...I have about 120 days on a pair of these. They are stiff (they do feel softer in warmer temps, but dont all boots?) I am extremely pleased with how they ski/feel but have had a problem Lange shells. These were a warranty replacement for Super Banshees which also cracked. I super attentive during closure so I know thats not the issue. I think there are 2 possible issues. 1) they crack right where the upper cuff hits the overlap during flex, so it could be that the strap to the lower buckle has a sharp edge. 2) When you take the boot off the tongue gets pinched in between the overlap. Over time, it may be that this leaves a small cut in the overlap that begins to open when stressed. Either way I need boots that last longer than 1 1/2 seasons.Not a big fan of cam lock either. They are heavy, and difficult to thread when its bitter cold.replaced em with a standard powerstrap.
Too bad because I like these boots otherwise.