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Great base layer, but has a few issues

I bought this short-sleeved shirt as a next-to-skin base layer for downhill skiing. I was attracted to it because of the snug fit and wear it under an older Bodyfit 260, which I wear all of the time even when not skiing.

It’s snug so it feels warmer than its light weight suggests.
The lack of bulk allows it to layer nicely under just about any other second layer.
The neck is snug, but not too much...I wonder if Icebreaker made some changes here because earlier comments suggested the neck was a little loose and this one is definitely not too loose.
It’s Icebreaker merino wool so it’s comfy and resists body odor.
Backcountry’s free shipping got it here in 4 days.

While it’s designed to fit snugly, it also runs a bit small and I think most buyers would want to move up a size beyond what they normally wear. I’m 5’10”, 160 pounds and usually wear smaller ‘mediums’ or larger ‘smalls.’ If I get another one of these, it will be a ‘large’, a size I never wear.

Irritating small stuff...literally—the ‘care tag’ had such a stiff edge, I borrowed a ‘seam ripper’ from my girlfriend and very carefully cut out the stitching that held it in place.

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Well, I am also 5'10" but I am athletic type at 143 lbs hence small size is spot-on for me. If you are 'bulky type' yourself how you can expect 'contour' cut top ever fit you? This is reason why you need to size up so nothing wrong with the sizing of this top at all folks!

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That was a poorly written remark from someone who appears to have the bone structure of an adolescent. I'm 6' even and have to upsize in Icebreaker because of the length of the shirt.

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I wrote the last comment and it was pointed towards @turo. I'm agreeing with @jac3043586.

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I have a medium in this and I couldn't ask for it to fit better. 6ft even and 160lbs. I love. Perfect length, perfect fit. I got several compliments on how good it looked on me the first time I wore it, and still do.

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I have the bone structure of an adolescent, as I'm 33 years old and and 5' 2" and 100 lbs.