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Gear Review

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Great bag overall

This bag is very nice, ive never had a expensive one before, and for the most part its what i expected it to be. Ive been one 4 camping trips with it so far, usually sleeping with boxers only. Every trip i thought the bag was very comfortable, and quite warm too, in some cases a little to warm. The temps ranged on all trips from 20 to 65 degrees, i never felt cold but in the warmer days 60+ the bag was to much, making me sweat even when fully vented. I like the zippers, they all seem to work well, but the velcro straps for the neck coller and hood can sometimes become uncomfortable nothing that kept me from an amazing nights sleep. The only issue i have with the bag is that everytime i use it, when its time to pack it up, down is floating everywhere, and is all over my sleeping pad ( Exped down pad) which really concerns me. Im not sure if everybag does this, but i did see in another review that someone said something about the issue with their bag also. Lucky i bought this from, from what im told i can return it at anytime. Overall i think the bag is great, very light, compactable, warm, and comfortable. Buy one and try it for yourself, if you dont like it trade it for a diffrent one.