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Great bag, but not warm enough

First, I have to say WM bags are amazing. They are built well, and really have no equal on the market.
I'm a woman, 5'11" and slender built, and a cold sleeper. I loved this bag because this one actually fit me right. Other Men's bags are generally way to roomy in the shoulders, and women's bags aren't tall enough. Unfortunately I took it for a test run a few days ago and although the temp just hit 25F outside, I was still cold. I'm not quite sure what to do because WM doesn't make any other bags this sut at a lower temp rating. :(

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What kind of sleeping pad were you using? This makes a HUGE difference. At those temperatures, an R value of 4 to 5 should be used to be comfortable for cold sleepers.

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One thing about these bags is that the down is meant to be moved around depending on conditions. Right out of the bag, WM bags have pretty even loft everywhere. If it's cold you need to push it around in the tubes so all the down sits on top. It'll easily loft up to double what it is when it comes from the factory. I'm not disagreeing with your experience, but my 30* megalite is warm down to 10*. That's WARM, not tolerable. I would feel 100% confident taking this bag down to 0* with a good sleeping pad. A good pad is every bit as important as a good bag.