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Gear Review

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Great bag but Bigger than described

Awesome overall, as you'd expect from DaKine. But in 90% percent of planes, this is definitely not a carry on. If it's 75% packed full, it will be be to big (high when laying down) to fit in most overheads. I barely got in in on a Southwest flight, but when I switched planes to Horizon (Alaskan) it was way too big and they ended up stopping me at the gate, taking it, and charging me $40 to check it. When I got on the commuter plane, it was obvious it never would have fit. So be warned, on big planes, it MIGHT FIT in overhead, if they even allow it on, but on most normal size or commuter planes, it will not. And if you're going to check it, you might was well check a bigger bag.
It's handy for weekend car trips.