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Great ankle support, narrow in the toes...

I love vasque's boots... i actually have these in the mens version (my 2nd pair) because i tried both of these and found that the womens' version was just way to narrow where it tapered down towards the toe box area. It felt like it was pinching my toes together. If you look up on this page to the 11 detail pics above and scroll right you can see what i'm talking about in the overhead pic of the boot. The rest of the boot feels amazing, especially the support it gives you for your ankles. So, if you don't have wide toes? i guess, this would be great. I have average to slightly wide feet, (although, i've never had to buy a wide width shoe in my life), so most people with narrow feet should be fine in this boot i would imagine, and it fits true to size. But after reading the reviews below about this boot having a roomy toe box i'm beginning to wonder if i have abnormally strange feet (or if i'm going crazy), lol, or if those people just have tiny toes? I'm a 10 in womens and i have this in an 8.5 in mens, which doens't have the narrow toe issue, and i LOVE them, they keep my feet dry, offer great support, and give me great traction on gravel/dirt/rock.

*Try to watch out for hitting the plastic lace hooks on anything hard, or pulling too hard on them, cause if you break one then your boot is caput. The hooks are pretty tough, and lasted about 1.5 years for me before they broke, but still, i would've wanted them to hold out much longer. You really can't use the boot anymore if they break, cause you need them tied to support your ankle properly to avoid injury, and so hotspots and/or pressure points don't form from being laced up improperly. That's why i am on my second pair now. Too bad they didn't make them in metal!