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Great anchors...

These anchors are absolutely fantastic. The materials used for the "pocket" and the webbing loops are absolutely bombproof. Not only are they great for snow, sand, or other loose substrates (e.g. a gravel bank alongside a river); they work fantastically on hard surfaces (e.g. rock) where there is no way to penetrate the surface. Just fill them up with large rocks and optionally stack more rocks on top of them. You'll have a shelter that won't budge. Peace of mind is invaluable and certainly worth more than the little scratch these will set you back. I haven't tried other brands, but why bother? These are built to last and it's a certainty that your shelter will collapse before these fail. Beach camping will never be the same...

Some specs:

Quantity: 4 Per Pack
Fabric: Polyester Pack Cloth 900D
Weight: 9.5oz

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I'm not sure I get what you mean, but you could clip them to the stake loops of your tent using a carabiner or if you have enough "room" you could also attach them using a lark's head hitch (my preferred method.)