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Great Rotor but Watch Clearance

This rotor is great if you've got center-lock hubs (which I love; high end Shimano hubs are great, and the center lock system is super easy to work with, I'm sad it didn't catch on). It's super light, it stays true nicely, and it doesn't squeal or shudder (unlike say, most Avid rotors). Did I mention it's crazy light while still being highly durable and functional?

The only thing you have to watch out for is clearance if you don't use it with Shimano brakes. I've used these with both Avid BB7s and Avid Elixirs and have clearance problems with the holder arms. For the BB7s (and Juicys as well) you have to file or cut the tab off of the inside brake pad or the holder arms hit it. For the Elixirs, you have to use a small spacer (i.e. extra washer, you really only need 0.6mm) when mounting the brakes or else the rotor holder arms brush the inside of the caliper body. Either fix is easy and leaves the rotors and brakes fully functional, just watch out before you plan to roll out.