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Gear Review

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Great Rope!

I've used a variety of ropes over the years but keep coming back to Edelweiss for my "workhorse" ropes because of the construction, feel and bicolor patterns. The Sharp ARC is no exception. It passes the UIAA's sharp edge test (like my old Edelweiss Stratos), has a soft hand which knots well, and I like the bicolor pattern. Sure, at 10.5mm it's thicker and heavier than many other ropes out there, including many thinner and lighter Edelweiss ropes, but as mentioned it's a real workhorse and will take a lot of falls and abuse. Worth a look if you're on the market for this type of rope. BTW, I have no affiliation with Edelweiss, I'm just a climber who has used Edelweiss ropes for years and years.
-Tom Pierce