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Gear Review

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Great Rappel Device

This is a great device in my opinion. I've always been happy with the performance off of these. I personally own two of these. One I keep with my climbing gear for rappels and the other I keep with my Ski Patrol pack for any rescues or self evacs from broken lifts. The Super 8 has always performed well when I need it to and you can't beat the price either for a backup device.I notice that some people are complaining that the device is too warm, too fast, not good for belaying, or kinks the rope. I personally am a bigger guy and don't particularly notice it being to fast but I also like to go fast anyways. For the other complaints, those are inherent to 8s so I don't know why they are complaining. If you didn't want it to get so warm or to be better for belaying you would have/should have gone with an actual belay device. The 8 works well for what it was designed to do.

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I always loved the self-evacuation drills. Used to rip down and freak out all the NSP folks who thought I was going to slam the ground, only to smoothly come in with my skis gently kissing the snow. Great control, good times, and my Super 8 never got too hot on some real long screamers with a doubled 8mm.