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Gear Review

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Great Performance-Touring Blade

I can't say enough good things about this paddle. It is easily the best kayak paddle that I have used and stands among (if not leading) the best performance touring blades on the market. The Ikelos-named after the assistant to the greek god of dreams-glides in and out of the water and has done a great deal to help me improve my forward stroke. The light weight of the carbon fiber is only aided by the by the foam cores resulting in buttery-smooth paddling.

The blades on the Ikelos are larger than typical paddle blades (even other high angle blades). This results in more power per stroke, but will take some physical adjustment for those moving from smaller blades. this blade is definitely intended for paddlers with higher angle strokes, so keep that in mind if considering this paddle. Those large blades not only allow for incredible forward speed, but also for solid bracing and efficient draws.

The bent shaft helps reduce fatigue and stress on my wrists and allows for longer and more comfortable trips. It's almost painful to return to straight shaft paddles.

Choosing the right paddle is very important. If you are looking for a light weight, high angle blade that will provide more power in the water, there doesn't seem to be a better choice.