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Gear Review

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Great Pack

This is a great pack to use on longer trips, I have even used it for a 3 day trip, but it's harder to distribute the weight where you need to. I like this pack when it is loaded to 50-55 lbs and with all the strap adjustments, I can get it to where I almost don't recognize it's there. I have loaded it to near its' max (70 lbs), but wouldn't recommend it as you will feel every ounce and your shoulders will take a beating.

My two favorite features are the quick-adjust hip-belt and the pockets on the hip belt. Can store a cliff bar or small pocket camera in the hip belt pockets to free up your pant pockets for ease of hiking and the quick-adjust hip belt makes it easy to reposition if you get uncomfortable.

I recommend getting the rain-cover as well, it's around $30 and only weighs ~5 oz. Takes two seconds to throw it on if the rain comes and it stays on, even in the wind. Dry equipment is better then wet!