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Gear Review

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Great Pack

I really like this bag. I'm 6'-3" 205 lbs and it fits me really well. Normally the waist straps on smaller, day pack, sized bags ride too high. On this bag, the waist straps ride right on my hips where they should. This makes the bag great for hiking, which is all that I have been able to use the bag for so far. When the snow comes I'll be trying it on the slopes. The ice axe loops are great for holding a hatchet or hammer and have given me easy access to these tools while bush wacking. The pockets are simple without any dividers or accessory slots. I can take what I need on a day hike easily in this bag and it's not too big and bulky. I like that the pack rides close to my back and even when full doesn't expand out too far from my back. I can see this being nice for balance while skiing. The materials in this bag are very durable and it looks like it will take a beating for many years. The only thing about the bag that I don't like is that the two buckles on the back side of the bag (horizontal snow board carry) dig into my shoulder blades when I'm wearing the pack with just a T-shirt. As soon as I put a sweat shirt or jacket on, they are no longer a problem. Being that the bag is intended for skiing or snow boarding I'm guessing they assumed you'd be wearing a jacket and left the buckles as they are.