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Gear Review

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Great Optics and Frame, With 1 Issue

This is the first pair of aviator/police style sunglasses I've gotten. The larger frame fit my slightly Large size face pretty well and the optics were pretty astounding. I had to fudge with the nose pads a bit to get the right fit, but I broke my nose as a kid, so you may not have to.

Be careful though. Not really sure why it happened, but there are screws mid-way down the outer frame that holds the lens in place. This screw popped out without warning one day and I found that the other side was getting loose as well. I haven't contacted Smith on it yet, so don't do something like using lock-tite on it unless I continue this review, which I plan on doing. Smith is usually great at fixing issue like this, so maybe I'll get some extra screws. To be continued.

UPDATE: So, yeah. Cool. It turns out that the screw that fell out is universal with most screws that come with sunglasses and regular glasses repair kits. Good to know.