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Great Minimalist Collar

Unlike other Ruffwear collars, this one doesn't have too many extra features that you wouldn't find on your standard collar. However, this simple design is why it works so well and I like it so much. It's thin, light and looks great. The thin, round profile means that there is very little friction with the dog's fur, which allows the collar to rotate freely when attached to a leash. This prevents the leash from getting caught under the dog's legs as the attachment ring always finds its way to the back of their neck. Others have mentioned that there is a large flat section on the collar. While true, it is a necessary design feature to allow for buckles to adjust the length. It is hardly noticeable during use as the flat section typically rests under the dog's neck and the rope section faces upwards. I like the buckle design as I like to take my dog's collar off when he comes inside. The leash attachment ring is also nice when combined with the Knot-A-Leash or any other leash with a carabiner. It allows the carabiner to rotate more freely and doesn't bind as much as the triangular attachment that Ruffwear uses on all of their other collars. I also like how this collar doesn't have a tag silencer as my dog only wears it when he's outside and it's nice to be able to hear him when we are hiking off leash. I do wish that the tag attachment was fixed like the leash attachment so that it wasn't free to slide all the way around the collar. This collar does have some reflective thread woven into it, but I wouldn't rely on it to spot your dog in the dark. The only downside to this collar (and I can't fault Ruffwear for this, but rather my inability to properly train my dog) is that it is so thin that it can really dig into, and choke, your dog if they like to tug.