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Gear Review

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Great If You Need It

This piece of equipment falls into a funny category. At 9.1 oz, it's heavy for gear that you may never use. If or when that time comes though, this little gadget is worth it's weight in gold. Picked this thing up when my employment for the NPS took me up to Alaska and have had it around ever since. Thankfully, I've never had to use it. The programmable messages are pretty neat as is the check in incase you decide to extend your adventure. The check in feature has also worked everywhere that I've cared to try it. I've tested other rescue devices for the Forest Service, and found that they rarely worked even on cloudless days on bald hill tops.

* Great piece of mind equipment. Whether for you or worried ones at home.
* Floats
* Should bring the calvary in no matter where you find yourself. Extremely reliable.
* Very easy to use, especially if you're in a barely conscious state. Brings in help in three easy steps. Unclip the antenna, flip it up, and press the red button.

* Not a toy. Purchase this PLB only for emergencies.
* Heavy as a lead brick until you need it. Then it's light as a feather for what it is capable of.

I would recommend this to only the most adventurous or the most prepared. In a perfect world, this thing would never be needed, but if you need it, this PLB will be there for you.