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Gear Review

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Great Device

I have always been a huge fan of PETZL. I use their harnesses exclusively and helmets are breathable and, well, protective. This ascender is top notch. It grabs with authority, slides like there is lube involved, and catches without missing a beat. GREAT PIECE OF GEAR. The only drawback of sorts, is the safety catch. When weighted in a precarious stance, the device tends to hold to the rope a little too tightly, but it sure is better than it coming open under weight, committing the climber to the depths. GREAT PIECE OF GEAR. Wish they had a right/left combo piece however. Good gear, good price, will save that ass. The auto belay option is progressive, clip the biner in as directed with a harness leash and an etier and you have a great piece of ascending gear that will take you to the top, clean and sure. Thanks Petzl.