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Great Canyoneering Rope!

  • Gender: Female
  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Short story is, we now only use our "other" rope on practice days on the rough crags, and use C-IV when running any canyons, wet or dry. Lightweight, very smooth, nice hand for tying a knot or stuffing in a rope bag, floats, and most importantly, doesn't heat up anywhere NEAR as much as any other rope we've used on rappels. It's more expensive than other canyon ropes if you buy a shorter or precut length, so just buy a full bolt and split it with a buddy. ... Updated 1/30/2014 - we've been using this rope extensively and the only note I would add is that the older the rope is (well, the more you beat it up!), it does seem to absorb more water and get bouncier when rappelling in class C canyons. Still my favorite rope by a long shot but maybe we'll get a segment of Canyon Pro for the really wet canyons.

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i have been searching for the best static rope, 9-10mm, to rig top rope anchors from trees that are at times 15 meters away from the cliff edge here in the Adirondacks, would you recommend this rope since it seems it wouldn't weaken like so many nylon statics when wet? less strength doesn't matter i guess for top-roping but i may use this rope for solo top-rope use and cleaning routes. why aren't these kevlar sheathed ropes more popular? sorry to bombard you, i just randomly chose a reviewer on the page.

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Sorry for the delay, just saw your note. For top-roping, don't you normally want dynamic rope? I'm not a climber, but if you take a hard fall on static rope you will hurt your spine because you'll come to a sudden halt. Or am I not understanding your use? You might want to direct a question like this to the makers, the folks at Sterling, to be sure it will perform as needed in your application.