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I'm a big fan of EMU brand boots - I think they have a better fit (more support) than UGG - so that said, of course I had to have the mini. These go just above the ankle, which is great for Spring/Fall - when it is too warm for the lo or hi style (I hate sweaty calves!) Also, for those wondering, I am a size 7.5 and buy a 7 because the wool starts to pack and it loosens up (for me the 8 is too large after wearing for a while - I also wear socks with my boots - so maybe that causes it to pack more?)

The first pair of these I received actually sprung a hole (for some reason the wool was missing and worn down near my big toe on the inside) and that seemed to have weakened the outside (which was a little discolored from the start) till it actually ripped after wearing a few times (FYI - I have NEVER had any other EMU boots rip, it was a total fluke). But I was bummed because I had them nearly a year (bought them in the beginning of the summer) and only started wearing them recently (we had a mild winter). I decided I would check on Backcountry's site to see if there was a one year warranty - and was totally shocked (and thrilled) to find out that Backcountry takes returns ANYTIME for ANY REASON.

They gave me return shipping labels (didn't cost me a penny) and mailed me a brand new pair (free shipping on that too!!!) And for the record, the new boots are PERFECT.

They have a lifelong loyal customer with me. I've bookmarked this site and it is the only place I will buy boots. I feel really comfortable knowing that if I get a defective product this vendor will stand by their goods and exchange it without charging me stocking/return fees or making me foot the shipping bills. Also, the return process was totally simple and painless.