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Great Bib, But The Zippers...

I have had this bib for a few years now and have used it in many severe weather situations. I have found that it works perfectly as a ski pant, rain pant, sailing bib, and all around tough pant. The only beef i have with this particular design is the excessive use of zippers, I know that this is built for intense ice climbing, but this is also the only high enough arcteryx bib to work for ocean sailing. The zippers are far from waterproof, even though they are laminated they still leak quite a bit when in contact with driving water or rain. This is a big problem since zippers run all the way down both legs and down the crotch and up the butt(this zipper looks very funny and will get alot of awkward remarks).

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Have you tried using outerwear that's designed for open ocean sailing???

You give this bib a poor grade because you're using it for something that it was not designed for. All those zippers wouldn't be there if it were designed for open ocean sailing. It's designed to handle frozen water NOT liquid water.

It's like trying to use a four-sided cheese grader as a cup!