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Good, yet not really what I was looking for.

This hammock is good for what it states...hiking, trekking, and camping...however, the dimensions state "9 x 4 ft"...with the sides bunched up the way they are (because of the strings you're going to be attaching to the wall, or tree...) take SO much length out of the hammock. It says 9 ft...but it ends up being more like 4ft x 4ft in the end. Do not purchase this hammock unless you are intending to just hang out in it...I bought it for sleeping in, and I'm only 5ft 5in, this hammock was WAY too small to lay in for me. Other then that, it's's super lightweight, and a very strong thin just didn't live up to it's size dimensions. Only purchase this hammock, if you intend to sit in it, in that case, it would be a fantastic hammock!

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Yep - this isn't meant for people. If you're looking for a people hammock, eno's singlenest and doublenest hammocks are great - I love my doublenest. I use the underbelly to keep close the things I need outside my hammock in a backcountry camping situation, like my shoes, puffy jacket, etc., especially if I've hanged my hammock up high or if I'm worried about critters chomping holes into things. I'm hoping I can get the dog to like sleeping in the underbelly, but for now she's more into snuggling up in the doublenest, which doesn't make for a great night's sleep.