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Good wool, poor execution

Smartwool makes decent stuff, no doubt. However, I'll have to really rant on this one. First the pros: I agree with others, wool is the way to go when it comes to anything you'd put close to your mouth. The anti-stink property is not something synthetics can beat. Icebreaker and Ibex also make neck gaiters, and their fabric is just as good if not better. Now the cons: the execution is extremely poor on this piece. Who in the right mind of an apparel designer would put a huge label on a neck gaitor?!?! Consider putting a label that's either printed on, or that's small, inconspicuous, flat, etc. But Smartwool has managed to put something quite big, double layered at that, on the inside, double stitched to the seam. You have the choice of either put it against your neck which is quite uncomfortable, or wear it inside out which makes you look...not very smart, or take a knife to cut it out. I went with the last option, and of course in doing so, while trying to get a clean cut on the label, undid the seam that holds the gaitor together. So now I have a gapping hole on the inside of the gaitor. Also, has Smartwool ever heard of flat seams?! They've managed to have the thickest seams they can put on a extremely simple piece of accessory. Unbelievable, and not recommended.