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Good windbreaker, otherwise useless

Pretty much inadequate for a shell. Not waterproof at all. Soaks through after 5 minutes every time. Wonder if the newer version with dry q core is any better...

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dor. Are you talking of this jacket or of an OLD jacket you have had for a while? If your jacket performs as you say... send it back! I would be very surprised considering the laminate if the jacket 'soaks through' after 5 minutes. Now, if the jacket wets out in 5 minutes that is a different story all together. That means that the face fabric has lost its water repellency, the DWR has worn off, and that can be rejuvenated by washing or spraying it with one of the many products on the market like TX Direct or Nik Wax. I am wondering how old your jacket is? Also, if you have never washed your shell that can also help the jacket perform better. Dirt and smoke is enemy #1 of any shell jacket and will make the jacket perform terribly... so, if you haven't washed your jacket I highly recommend doing this.

As for the new DryQ Core, what is different about this jacket compared to the old Cohesion is the fact that it is stretch and the DWR (durable water repellant finish) that is applied to the outer surface of the jacket during production has improved greatly over the years. The DWR on the Stretch Cohesion above and all Mountain Hardwear hard shells is an 80 wash DWR. Industry standard is around 40. So, give a new one a try and I hope this info helps. Also, please try and quantify your comments... meaning if it is an old shell simply say so. The more info the better when commenting on a product on this site whether it performs to your expectation or not. Cheers!

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This experience is the exact opposite of what I have experienced. I have never gotten wet wearing this jacket.