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Good thing these are renewable

I really wanted to like these poles. For the first 4 times out, I truly believed they had a winner. Unfortunately on the 5th the pole snapped as I was knocking the snow off my boots.

The swing weight and feel of these poles is really great. I am just not sure I want to be bothered with swapping these out for new ones ever week and a half after they break.

UPDATE 01/25/12.....Just went throught my second set. This time they splintered right below the grip. Luckily has such a good exchange program or I would be out $200.

UPDATE 03/27/12....3 for 3. Third pair just broke.

Good thing these are renewable
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so far my experience with soul poles has been positive. not only do they have a cool vintage look, they are light, strong, and holding up great.