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Good thing there a warranty because they break in a week

I received these for christmas and used then about 6 time. the plastic broke in the back where it wrap around the frame, on both! Then I went to the store to get the warranty. I was astonished that the same model in the sotre were broken at the same place, did the store put them back in order to resell them to someone else or they were already broken, I don't know. But I know that I broken both in under a month, I wouldn't recommand this product to anyone because of that.

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Interesting to read this... mine broke too, they lasted one season, used probably a half-dozen times. The decking broke just in front of the binding pivot... the whole toe decking has now slid towards the non-broken side and this means there's nothing to stop the pivot, and binding, from sliding back on the frame. Not really possible to repair, got zero response from a note I sent to LG on their website. Not happy!