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Gear Review

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Good, not great

The good:
These are a great shape and size. Fairly lightweight for their size with a large opening and a nice shape. Ropes run smoothly over them and they have a nice linear action, like most other solid gate BD biners.

The not so good:
I have 3 of these biners. Two are mainly used on multi-pitch gear anchor master points, and another used to be my main belay/rap locker. After less than a season I had to retire my belay one because of excessive wear. The other two I used one time to set up a toprope for a few people and they became noticeably notched after this single use.

Overall, there is still a place in my rack for these, but they are NOT workhorse biners. They will wear out quickly. If you are looking for an HMS belay locker, I recommend the Petzl William. Huge gate opening and they wear like iron. The BD Rocklock is good too, if you are on a budget. They still wear a little faster than I'd like.
Leave the mini pears to less demanding duty.