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Gear Review

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Good low-cut hiker

If you're looking for trail runners, just keep walking. If you want a low-cut hiking boot, with serious support and massive tread, you've arrived. I've only used them for trail hiking and rock scrambling with light loads. However, the midsole feels supportive enough to tolerate carrying a backpacking load.

The Sandstones are sturdy and seem pretty tough. Soles are grippy on rock and the deepish tread grabs well on loose surfaces. Somehow the lugs also seem to clear themselves of accumulated debris as well, a nice touch. Haven't walked anything wetter than damp undergrowth, so I have no idea whether the Gore-Tex really keeps water out. Alll I can tell you is that my feet didn't overheat, often a complaint with Gore-Tex liners for boots. The protective rubber patches on the toes caught most of the scrapes. I replaced the stock footbeds with some custom ones that support my X-long arches. I imagine Superfeet would work well for most people. The stock beds are pretty lame, but whose aren't?

These boots run narrow, so if your feet are on the wide side I don't think you'll be happy. My narrow feet got a decent fit except for a couple rub spots. I expect those will dissappear as the boots wear in. Yes, surprising for a low-cut, but these boots really need a break-in period. If you're taking these on a long trip make sure you get in some short hikes to work out the kinds.

For me these are a great choice for day hikes, approaching climbs, even some backpacking.