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Gear Review

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Good in theory....

I've owned Thule gear for nearing on 20 years and have always been confident strapping my extensive collection of expensive outdoor gear to it and driving hundreds of miles. For the most part it has held up great and been a breeze to use. The Archway? Not so much.

Problem 1: Directions are TERRIBLE. Step 1 look up your car and set the angle. Step 2 look at the "fit tips" for your car. That is it. I can rebuild an engine and this was a challenge. Directions were clearly made for multiple racks and did not give nearly enough detail on the fitting. There are 3 straps and good luck figuring out which go to which part of your trunk. Trial & error.

Problem 2: Clips will damage the paint and or metal on your trunk. I 100% guarantee this as they are made of metal and only coated with a very thin amount of rubberized material. Once you finally figure out how to fit the rack you of course have to crank it up so it will hold your bikes nice and tight. I already have 4 places on my trunk where the paint is marked and I'm hoping a wax job can buff it out but I'm not sure. If your car is a beater then ok, but I would like to not destroy my trunk either way.

On the plus it holds your bikes securely but that is about it. Will be returning this and trying something else out, not to mention bailing on Thule from this point out.