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Good for snowboard and bike

I have used this for mountain biking and mounting it on a pole for snowboarding, and it works great! The only bad things are that you have to use a screwdriver to clamp it real tight, and you need a really thick skipole to mount it on for snowboarding

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So can only a certain type of camera by mounted with this clamp? I have a canon d10 waterproof/shockproof etc. camera that I'd love to mount on my handle bars if this clamp couold hold it. 2nd question, how exacted do you mount a camera to a snowboard using a ski pole? I'd love to be able to film my boarding as well.

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This is designed for use with the GoPro cameras.

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J oro, this is a GoPro specific mount and will not work for your Canon d10 camera. The camera doesn't get mounted to the snowboard itself with this mount. You use the clamp to mount it to a ski pole, trekking pole, PVC pole, etc. and you hold that pole so your GoPro can film you.