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Gear Review

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Good for filtering turbid

I've used the other style (10 L "Kitchen Sink") that has the metal ring around the top, and also have this style, the "Folding Bucket" (also 10 L). Overall, I find this style works better for me. The Kitchen Sink doesn't tip over as easy, partly because of the metal ring, and partly because it's not as tall as the Folding Bucket. If I'm filtering turbid water, I find the Folding Bucket is better, because it is taller. (Also, if you're really counting ounces, the Folding Bucket is slightly lighter, and packs a little smaller.) I did find a suggestion as how to keep the Folding Bucket from tipping. Slide a stick through the handle and have the stick resting on a couple of rocks or logs, with the bucket between. If needed, I will cover the Bucket with my bandana to keep debris from falling into it. I like the 10 liter size, as I find it to be the perfect size to filter 4 or 5 liters of water and still have enough left to wash out dishes, etc., without having to make another trip to the water source.