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Good for Tall Women

A 10-liter lid pocket adds extra space to this narrow pack that’s well-suited for tall women, but is easily adjustable, too. Deuter’s Veri-Quick system adjusts quickly and expands this pack’s torso range enough that it’s a great match for taller women (shorter Women’s Adventure testers had a hard time finding a fit in this one-size-fits-all style). The contoured hip belt and narrow-set shoulder straps are specially designed to fit a woman’s body and Deuter’s Aircontact Lite system “pumps” air with every compression of the thick, foam, moisture-wicking back panels, which ventilates well and prevents soggy sweating.

Other features include top and bottom access with optional bottom compartment, hip belt pocket, hydration slot and built-in front stretch stuff-it pocket. The pack’s crossing aluminum stays allow for efficient load transfer when the pack’s stuffed with up to 45 pounds—not a hard target to reach with it’s volume and loops and buckles allowing easy tying on of additional gear. At less than $200, it is modestly priced, but began to show some wear after moderate testing use.

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This review is incorrect. The ACT Lite 65+10 is NOT a woman's pack. The hip belt and shoulder straps were not designed for women - I suppose the reviewer is confusing this product with the ACT Lite 60+10, which is in fact for women.

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She never said it was a woman's pack. I can't stand it when people don't take the time to properly read something before giving their input.

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Can I ask are the top of the shoulder straps fairly wide apart as I am a bit of a large chested broad shoulder guy. Many of the packs I see are made for skinny lanky guys although they may be tall their shoulders are not as broad as mine. I find most packs the shoulders straps a bit narrow on me cutting into near my neck muscles as apposed to riding more on my shoulders themselves. Could any one give me a measurement of the shoulder straps distance between the two straps at the top? Greatly appreciated.