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Good for 1 thing: patching small holes/abrasions on climbing shoes

My Evolv Pontas shoes were so great and I used them so much that I put a hole through the rubber in the left shoe's toe (probably a little too much toe drag on the wall too). In order to solve this, I used this kit, which I had lying around.

The directions are pretty clear and the kit comes with everything you need, but I still decided to add extra cement to make the mixture less clumpy. I evenly spread it on the toe area of each shoe with my fingers (gloved) instead because they are more precise. The rubber still clumped up some. Afterwards, I sanded the soles back down to their previous, smooth nature (because that is the best way for them to perform and last according to BJR in Blackheath, NSW, AU).

Overall, I do not recommend this to anybody as a resole kit. You will not be pleased with the results. Having said that, it will patch little holes in shoes adequately and prolong their life at least a little bit longer. I will probably be replacing my Pontas soon, but at least I can have somewhat precise toes in the meantime.

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I recently repaired a few pairs of shoes for friends and wanted to comment on it. I stopped using the Barge glue and switched to flexible, waterproof epoxy. I found that this worked much better and I was able to get a much more homogenous mixture of rubber and adhesive. Application became much easier with the epoxy/rubber mixture but it is still important to do multiple thin coats and to lightly sand in between them. I am currently trying to find the best mixture ratio for each coat. Everybody's shoes have held up decently well so far and it's certainly cheaper than a resole or buying new shoes.

I still stand by my previous statement that this kit won't work for a resole, but instead it is acceptable for patching small holes.

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agreed! I've also used it on newer shoes to prevent wear on the toe area. That has kept one of my pair of shoes virtually like new.

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Resole jobs I have done recently haven't stood up past a month or two at most. I'm still tweaking the mixture ratios to find the best combination, but this is only a pasty band aid and best suited to put off the inevitable purchase of new shoes. In other words, great for helping poor college student friends while they try to save/budget for new shoes.