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Gear Review

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Good but could be better

These seem to be the standard titanium cutlery set for the price. A few things I didn't care for: The eating surfaces are unpolished. I have a titanium spork I don't care for for the same reason. Rather than send it back, I buffed it out. Half an hour on a buffer and I got a decent smooth surface. It's not a mirror finish but reasonable. It's now silver looking like in the product picture and not that dull titanium brown finish that holds finger prints and smudges all over. But to get a mirror finish, I'd have to take down the rough surface with varnish sand paper first and then buff it. Too much work. And second, the handles are too narrow and don't seem the most comfortable. I have small hands but think they should be wider. But this is only for backpacking and not for everyday use. I think the Primus set is probably better with polished eating surfaces and wider handles but no case.