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Good, but NOT for bushwacking!

This pad, let me first say, insulates from the cold ground VERY well. I cut mine down to about 2/3rd's of this original length and just prop my head on some clothes (my standard makeshift pillow)and throw my feet up on my pack. I was literally cooking in 40 degree weather at night. You can feel it radiate heat back up to you! Had to actually totally unzip my mummy bag a couple of nights. I went on a volunteer backpacking expedition to Isle Royale National Park, for the 52 year running Wolf and Moose Study. We did a lot of bushwacking and were hardly on the trails. The Island is very dense with thickets and spruce forests, and those very thickets SHREDDED the edges of the pad. I simply prefer foam pads for durability and life saving ability! If I was in an emergency I wouldn't trust an inflatable, one little rip and you're done for! If I had an inflatable straped to the outside of my pack for this expedition it would have been over before it started. Isle Royale chewed up my pad, but all things considered it withstood the damage well, but another 3 weeks of that and I'd be worried.

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I've found the Ridgerest to be very durable. I spend my time bushwhacking and scrambling all over the Eastern Sierra for work, with my pad strapped to the bottom of my pack. The pad has been shredded up over time, but still functions great. I've used the same pad for two summers running now and I am pretty darn hard on my gear. Plus- these pads are not that expensive in contrast to pricey inflatable pads.

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Update: End of 2012 and this thing is still going STRONG! I'd give it 5 stars if I could rate it now. One of my few pieces of gear I haven't had to replace! Wholeheartedly endorse this product! I'd buy it again in a heartbeat