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Gear Review

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Good boots, but . . .

I've had the Keen Bern Baby Bern boots in Oak, sz 9, for 4 months now. Granted, I've worn them a lot, but I've also tried to take good care of them (leather conditioner, water proofer, keeping them as dry as possible, etc). I chose them out of several other styles I tried on because they fit my chunky calf better than others and still had a classic design that wasn't too bulky. They were comfortable from the beginning (though ended up adding another insole because they aren't as comfortable for extending standing or walking), have been warm, and for me the slick-ish sole hasn't been a problem. Lately I've been noticing they look REALLY worn--not like when you get to the comfort point and they are just worn right, but starting to look really creased and worn out (surprising for only having had them for 4 months). But now--the zipper has broken. The zipper teeth on one side started to separate a couple weeks ago, so I tried to be really gentle with the zipper. But it's come off the track now and I can't seem to get it back on (And even if I success there are two places where the zipper teeth have some apart). So overall--I'm disappointed. I feel like a solid pair of leather boots should last at least a few seasons.