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Gear Review

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Good Working Glove

These are the ideal working glove/trail glove; however, they were not warm enough for my fingers in conditions below 5° F. There were several days of use in Banff, AB, Canada where temperatures without wind-chill were below 5° F and my fingers were cold causing me to make fists within the glove to warm my fingers.I noted the same occurrence whenever the temps fell below this number several times, otherwise the glove worked well, kept its shape and moved freely with my hands. Used the product in temps between 25° F and 34° F without over-warming. Hands did not sweat or feel uncomfortable. Without doubt this product is well made and should easily last the entire season or more with regular use.

Above the stated temperature I rate the product: 10 of 10

Below the stated temperature I rate the product: 5.5 of 10