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Gear Review

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Good Value for Heli, not for skinning

I bought this bag to make my wife and mother rest a little easier while i was in Alaska Heli skiing. It certainly let them rest easier, and gave me some nice reassurance on some of the more exposed lines that i found myself on. While it was great for Heli skiing, when we went skinning it fell short. With the airbag it does not leave much room for storage,so i used the helmet holder to hold some excess gear outside of the pack. Unfortunately without good attachment points, gear would slip off, and i actually lost my skins as a result... The bigger issue however is that when i put my skis diagonal on the pack to bootpack up, the weight of the skis would cause the tear-away-zipper opening for the airbag to pull open which was annoying. So in summation, you can't beat the value if you are looking for extra security heli-skiing, but that savings can be felt with the issues it presents when skining or hiking