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Good Upgrade

Strange, these kits used to come with the tip attachments. I guess not anymore. I bought mine a few years ago, just didn't get around to installing it until this season.

In any case, I bought this kit to replace the ClipFix system on my Ascension skins. The ClipFix system worked ok, it came off when I was skinning in really wet snow and my skins stretched out, but for the most part it was set and forget and I wasn't unhappy with it. When I first moved to SoCal four years ago the skin stretching was an issue for the first time and I bought this kit intending to fix it, but it wasn't enough of a problem to make me think about it when I wasn't skinning so I didn't get around to it.

The reason I finally installed it is that I bought a tele setup and my new skis are 4cm longer than my AT skis. The width is pretty similar throughout so I didn't want to buy new skins, so I installed this so I could swap skins between skis, and it works just great for that.

Installation isn't trivial, but it's not a huge pain. Cutting the notch in the back of the skins for these wasn't too difficult, make sure you have a sharp blade (I still find my ClimbingSkinsDirect cutter works great). Also, making the holes for the rivets was tricky. I found making a hole with a nail, then screwing a drywall screw through the hole and pulling it straight out with plyers worked quite well.