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Gear Review

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Good Stuff

This is a great product. I was turned onto this stuff back in my corporate days when I bought a high dollar pair of suede shoes. Was living in Denver at the time and due to the snow I didn't want to ruin those shoes walking through downtown for lunch and commuting. Asked the retail guy who sold them to me for some stuff they had on their shelf and he told me not to waste my money on their product and go visit the local REI in Lakewood, CO which was actually a few blocks from my apt. He obviously musta been an outdoorsman. Applied this product to those suede shoes...didn't fade the suede either which concerned me from the get go but figured wet weather would do them more harm than the Nikwax...took em for a stroll through downtown in the snow for lunch amd watched my high dollar suede shoes repel all the moisture. Co-worker asked me if I was crazy going out in the snow in my brand new KC's...shook my head, broke out the Nikwax, let him get a few spritz for his new suedes and we were both confidently strolling downtown around in the snow!!!! Just bought a pair of Merrell Outlands and figured I might as well nab some good ol Nikwax suede/nubuck proctector to keep em in good shape.