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Gear Review

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Good Stuff. Normal Feet Need Not Apply.

Great boots!

I'm light (150lbs) but ski hard. I have very narrow big feet and a very narrow heal. These boots ultra tight in the health cup area and I'm certain the people with normal width or wide feet would be absolutely miserable in these. The toe box is also tight ... but is designed for more normal feet.

Their stiffness is rated at 130, but I think that's a bit optimistic. It's not a racing boot, but more than adequate for almost all purposes.

Haven't broken anything on the boot yet. They seem rather stout. I wouldn't recommend switching to walk mode while leaning forward as it seems to place undue stress on the weakest part of the boot ... but no problems so far.

Love the cinch string crank BOA closure business. Not sure how I lived without it.

P.s. this boot is more for slack country. it's too heavy for long tours but can stand up to the abuse of resort skiing. This is exactly what I wanted though, so it's perfect for me.