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Good Investment

I purchased these pedals a while back, but hadn't been able to use them until these past couple of weekends. This is my first experience with clipless... I didn't make the switch until now because of the overall cost associated with them (pedals and shoes, repairs, replacements), but my new employer reimburses for wellness expenses, so I thought I would give it a shot. With a pair of Sidi Bullet 2 mtb shoes, Ive gone about 25hrs on fairly rough terrain and they seem to be holding up fairly well. However, no matter what you buy, they're always going to be more susceptible to the trail than the solid steel beasts that come standard on all mountain bikes. At times they can feel a little loose, but this may just be my inexperience in being attached to the bike. I could see the composite platforms degrading quickly¦ the stainless steel kick plates seem thin and couldn be attached by anything more than some glue (no visible bolts or screws), so I wouldnt be surprised to find pieces missing after a while. I only ride a couple of times a month, so they'll probably last me more than long enough, but if I do have to replace them every 12-16 months, it would be worth the hassle of waiting for a reimbursement.