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Gear Review

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Good Concept, but room for improvement

I purchased this item 6 months ago and have used on on many backpacking and camping trips. It gets the job done but there is room for improvement

1. Plastic lid was warpped after first use. I didn't cook with it on. All I did was place it over food that was just cooked to keep it warm. It no longer has a practical cooking use. I use it as a storing lid. They gotta fix this!
2. Yes there is a simmer function. However, the temperature dial is 2% "simmer" and 98% full flame. To get a lower temperature, you have to lower the dial ever-so-slightly until the flame decreases. Once it starts to decrease from full flame, you have about 3mm of movement before you kill the flame. This is where the simmer comes in. Because of this, it is common to accidently shut off the gas as you try to lower the flame. Gotta fix this!
3. Starter works for the most part. There were a handful of times when the starter didn't ingnite the flame. The problem corrected itself once it was heated up again.