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Gear Review

4 5

Good 3/4 season and cool color

I did an extensive amount of research before settling on this tent because I heard good things from others and about Terra Nova as a company. Gear gurus at backcountry also heard good things so I figured I'd "let 'er rip" as they say. I chose it because of its' superior construction and light weight for a 4 season. Out of the box this tents fabric is very light but seems durable, the only thing I am suspicious about is the floor which seems a little thin (Terra Nova guarantees it is bomber), so a ground cloth is probably needed in the long run (I am using a cheap Tyvek cloth because their stock groundsheets are quite pricey). As for specs they are slightly off as listed on site and this is what I weighed it in at:

Out of the box weight in sack (total): 4 lbs 9 oz (even lighter than listed!!!)
Just tent without poles or pegs: 3 lbs
Pegs: 7 oz
Poles 1 lb

This tent comes with sturdy aluminum pegs which is different from Terra Nova's lightweight titanium "toothpick" skewers which I have heard mixed reviews about, but that could cut even more weight if needed.
Setup took me about 10-15 minutes the first time and was very quick afterwards, the poles are seem sturdy and are sleeved and color-coded so there is little confusion. The cross brace design is a little tight when clipping into the corners which is my only qualm, but is probably better that it is tight anyway. Summer use the tent vents pretty well with the door and foot vent, so it stays pretty cool. With the fly on I haven't slept over night in hot weather yet so I will keep you posted as to how it turns out...

Cons: It is slightly tight for 2 (which I tried with my girlfriend so it wasn't all bad ;) so it is great as a solo tent and is freestanding so it is easy to move if needed.
The headroom is a little low, so sitting up is about all you can get...
Foot room isn't that amazing (I am 6'1'') and with sleeping bag I am touching the foot vent which is a little annoying. So the listed length of 206 cm (81 inches) may be a little off.
The vestibule could be a bit bigger and is good for one person but 2 would be a squeeze.

I haven't tested it in snow/rain or heavy winds but the tie-outs for this tent see decently sturdy and from other videos online they seem to hold up pretty well and with the updated lighter design from the old Voyager you can't go wrong.
I will be using this tent in Mongolia for 7 weeks so I will report back when tested in the heavy duty elements...

Overall: Great 4 season for the money and a definite plus is the weight. Seems pretty bombproof overall (I would have given it 5 stars if I would have seen it's performance in the elements) and can be used as a decent 3 season as well bordering on an ultralight (depending on your definition of a UL)