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Go Everywhere, Do Everything deck!

Are you a fan of boards like the Burton Un...Inc, Ride Society, K2 Believer? If those are boards that you have owned or considered adding to you're quiver then the Nitro Team should be on your short list as well.

In the past, Nitro has had a reputation of having super stiff boards that weren't very playful. That has completely changed and Nitro is producing boards of all flex patterns that are playful and snappy in the right places.

The Team is the culmination of all the efforts they've made recently. The board has about a 6 out of 10 overall flex, but is snappy in the nose and tail when you want it to be and just soft enough between the binding inserts to be fun jibbing around the mountain.

The sidecut of the board is aggressive, but isn't going to hang you up on boxes or rails with the slightly blunted out shape to the nose and tail. The swing weight is great as well as setting up on your heel side or toe side edge and initiating a FS or BS spin is easy with the sidecut and the weight of the board is great to completely bring the deck around.

I was lucky enough to finish out the 2009 season out on this deck at Snowbird as was able to ride it in Utah Powder, Wet Powder, Icy Groomers, Slush, chop & regular conditions. The board charged through everything and the base was consistently fast in all conditions. If you're looking for one board that will handle everything on the mountain The Team is a great choice.

If you have a size 10.5 US or smaller snowboard boot, take a look at the regular model. And if you're down with the new Rocker/Reverse Camber Technology, take a look at the Nitro Team Gulwing Model.

Go Everywhere, Do Everything deck!