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Gear Review

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Getting better with time...

I received my speedsters about 3 weeks ago, and as of yet, have been pretty impressed. I sized them the same as my testarossas, which proved to be a good decision. The first time I climbed in them, I was super disappointed because there is this weird band of different rubber around the toe rand. My feet were popping off holds left and right, where they hadn't in my testarossas. After a few more sessions though, I am beginning to like them a lot more, and my feet have stopped randomly popping off. It will be interesting to see how long they last though, as the rubber is only 3mm thick, in comparison to the testarossas and solutions which are 3.5mm. I originally ordered the "discontinued rubber" from backcountry, but they must have ran out or something because I was upgraded to the new XS Grip2.