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Gear Review

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Get your dutch oven on!

This dutch oven is amazing. It's very light, with the 12" only being about 7 pounds. The best part is there's no "seasoning" involved to keep this thing from being nonstick, or to keep it from rusting, like the old cast iron versions. That being said, I coat it with a small amount of oil before cooking, it's nonstick, and it washes extremely easy. This is particularly handy for multi-day trips where you're going to want to use it often. I even use it at home on my gas grill, I love it. I'd like to get the 10" version of this which nests inside the 12", making packing super simple. It may be a little spendy, but this is something that will last a lifetime, and you'll probably be passing it down to your grandkids.